Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bazinga! The Big Bang Theory

They're here! The entire Big Bang Theory collection. This fantastic series has made me laugh countless times and definitely tops #1 on my list, on anyones list for that matter. That's why it deserves to be the first series I introduce to Episode Overload.

All of my colourful bookmarks feature the well known quotes from these well known characters, and even some wonderful advice. Like Howard's for example, "Love is not a sprint it's a marathon, a relentless pursuit that only ends when she falls into your arms...or hits you with the pepper spray."OK well maybe not the best advice but it's definitely something to laugh at.

With the season 7 finale of The Big Bang Theory we started seeing some major changes taking place. Leonard and Penny get engaged again (for good this time I believe), Amy asks to move in with Sheldon and Raj finally gets into a solid relationship. Unfortunately there's one person who isn't ready for change, and that obviously is Sheldon. So what happens next?