Saturday, July 19, 2014

Brooklyn Nine Nine Bookmarks Series

Brooklyn Nine Nine has made a name for itself in just one season. Being the funniest cop show on television and starring a hilarious actor who got his start on SNL, Andy Samberg. This team of quirky people all work together seamlessly to bring down criminals in style. When the captain asks how they're doing on a case you can be sure that Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) will answer; "We are very close captain, aside from a complete absence of evidence, suspects, or leads. So in conclusion not at all close." 

In the last episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine called "Charges and Specs" some major events were uncovered that changed everything. Jake was suspended from the force for investigating a philanthropic civic leader, yet continues to investigate with the reluctant help of Amy and Captain Ray Holt. Meanwhile Jake also makes his feelings known to Amy, which leaves her about as confused as Charles Boyle who is sulking about breaking up with Vivian. The captain then uncovers a larger conspiracy that causes Jake to sacrifice more. What will happen next? You tell me.

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